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Partner Alan Rome

Rome Clifford Katz & Koerner injury law Partner Alan Rome secured a $3.389 million settlement in a Workers’ Compensation case for a client seriously injured in a work related accident.

The settlement approved earlier this year by an administrative law judge for the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission noted that the claim filed on behalf of Attorney Rome’s client and his wife “… is a disputed one and that the results, if fully prosecuted, would be doubtful.”

“This was a long and complex case and it’s gratifying that we prevailed in a disputed claim to secure this very positive outcome for our client and his family,” Attorney Rome said.

In addition to lump sum payments totaling $2.975 million, the insurer for the client’s employer at the time of the accident will also fund a Medicare Set-Aside with a value of more than $472,000. Those payments bring the total settlement to $3,389,771.

The accident occurred in  2015 when Attorney Rome’s client was driving on the way to a business trip. An unidentified driver cut him off, forcing him to veer almost 300 feet off the highway after crashing into a tree.

He was transported to Hartford Hospital, where he was found to have suffered a large left middle cerebral artery stroke that ultimately resulted in extensive swelling requiring a hemicraniectomy (removal of part of his skull) to treat. Hospital records document that the stroke resulted from the accident, which caused a formation of a clot that embolized to the left middle cerebral artery of his brain.

Attorney Rome’s client was hospitalized through February 2016, followed by treatment at a rehabilitation hospital and then a brain injury facility. He was released to go home in April 2016, and his wife cared for him for nearly three years, but complications from the accident left Attorney Rome’s client disabled for the rest of his life.

He now resides in an assisted living facility. At the time of the crash, Attorney Rome’s client was a healthy, active, 47-year-old. He and his wife have two daughters.

About Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation claims, awards, and settlements focus on factors that include age and life expectancy, lost wages, types and severity of injuries and disabilities, and medical costs – based on the Workers’ Compensation Statutes in Connecticut.

The statutes are administered by the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission, which explains on its website, “The Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Act, or Chapter 568 of the Connecticut General Statutes, is the body of law that specifically addresses issues of workplace injury and disease, benefits for which injured or ill employees may be eligible, insurance requirements to provide for benefits, how benefits are best to be provided to eligible employees, how disputes between various parties are handled, and the rights and responsibilities of all parties within the state’s workers’ compensation system.”

About Attorney Rome

Partner Alan J. Rome has been practicing law since 1989. His extensive litigation practice focuses on Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation, and extends to Family LawDivorce Litigation, and Criminal Law matters.

His recent outcomes include a $1.45 million recovery in a legal malpractice case, a $345,000 recovery in a sole proximate cause case involving a sidewalk fall, and a $300,000 in a motorcycle crash case with a major issue of liability.

Among other notable cases and outcomes, he is known for his jury verdict of $770,357 in a lawsuit against West Hartford for failing to maintain sidewalks in safe condition.

To learn more, see Attorney Rome’s profile page. He may be reached by email at, or by phone at 860-232-3000.

About RCKK Law

Rome, Clifford Katz & Koerner is a Hartford-based law firm whose attorneys collectively have more than 100 years of experience in a wide variety of legal areas. Whether you are dealing with a motor vehicle accident, a Workers’ Compensation injury, a Family Law matter, or a business concern, our skilled lawyers will aggressively advocate on your behalf. We represent individuals and businesses in Connecticut and throughout the New England states. Contact the firm at 860-232-3000.