Witnesses to car crash; accident witnesses statements vital to legal casesWitness statements obtained after a car, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle crash are vital in helping the highly experienced Personal Injury attorneys of Rome Clifford Katz & Koerner build the strongest case possible and secure the most favorable settlement or jury award.

Critical details of what occurred that shed light on responsibility and liability may escape the notice of police and/or not be detailed in accident reports – and sometimes the first responders get what happened and who was at fault wrong entirely.

As your Connecticut Personal Injury lawyers, we have the experience and tenacity to try cases in courts when negotiations fall through – and after consulting with you at our office, your home, or even at the hospital caring for your injuries, we begin with a comprehensive investigation.

Witness statements are the most powerful tool we have in that process. They will help prove your case and establish that fault rests with the other driver.

If you’re involved in a collision on Connecticut roads or highways, you, or someone trustworthy, should get the names of any potential witness – including all contact information, such as telephone numbers, email addresses, and street addresses.

Should you be unable to do so, tell the police responding to the scene who might have seen the collision and urge them to interview those witnesses for the police report.

You and others in your vehicle are witnesses, of course. Because you have a vested interest in the outcome of legal proceedings, an insurer or opposing counsel will attempt to paint your testimony as biased.

Moreover, if you and/or your passengers were injured, that trauma may cloud the veracity of your recollection of events.

So-called third-party witnesses – those who saw a crash but have no connection to the chain of events or parties involved – are considered unbiased, which lends power to their testimony. These witnesses also may have different perspectives on what occurred than those involved.

For example, a witness seated on a bench near an intersection could describe what happened in the period immediately before a crash that created circumstances important to understanding why a crash occurred.

Personal Injury Partner Chris Sica

Independent witnesses also will have information on factors such as road and weather conditions, the speed of the vehicles involved in the crash, and other important factors not perceived by those involved in the collision or police at the scene.

Personal Injury Partner Chris Sica documented one experience with a client that underscores the importance of witnesses on his Facebook page:

I am helping a client that was injured in a car crash recently. He was turning left out of his driveway when he was struck at a high rate of speed by another vehicle. The police unfortunately performed a quick, sloppy investigation and threw together a short report. The police did not see the crash at all. They came to the scene after the fact. As a result, the other driver was not found at fault.

My client was unconscious on scene, but his wife ran to his aid. His wife was helped by a few witnesses who observed the crash. The witnesses all told the wife that the other driver was fully at fault because she was speeding while using her cellphone as she drove toward a red light. However, these witness statements were not documented in the police report. We know these witnesses were on scene and speaking with the police as we have security camera footage of this!

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Personal Injury Partner Alan Rome

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