Not every motor vehicle accident merits a personal injury lawsuit. Perhaps neither driver was negligent in the crash, and the roads were properly maintained. The injuries may be a matter of minor cuts and bruises treated in the ER. The insurance company may also have stepped up and covered damages. Perhaps the injured were responsible for their injuries.

However, victims who suffered severe injuries due to others’ negligence often find it necessary to seek legal help. Common reasons include:

  • The victim was unable to work during a lengthy recovery.
  • The related medical bills not covered by insurance are substantial.
  • The insurance company denies the claim or delays in paying it.
  • The insurance company repeatedly offers a low settlement.
  • The victim suffered severe trauma or life-changing injuries.
  • The municipality responsible for the road did not properly design or maintain the area where the incident occurred.

Attorneys advocate for their clients

As long as the statute of limitations has not expired, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney practicing in Connecticut can be a tremendous help in getting victims the compensation they deserve. These legal professionals understand the nature of motor vehicle accidents, and they have a good idea about the cost of the damages to the vehicle, potential medical expenses, and the long-term impact that these kinds of events have upon the victim’s lives. Initial consultations are free, and subsequent legal fees are paid if they win the case.