Personal injuries come in a wide range of severities. While it may be apparent that you need an attorney for a catastrophic injury for a car accident, what about smaller injuries like a slip-and-fall? Insurance companies may tell you that lawyers only delay compensation from an injury, so is it worth it?

Money often becomes short in supply after an injury, and many people worry if they can even afford an attorney’s services. The good news for victims is that personal injury attorneys only collect payment if they win a claim or settle outside of court. Here are some of the services a lawyer offers to their clients:

Experienced guidance   

Even in clear cases where a party is undeniably liable for a victim’s damages, there is no guarantee that the victim will receive compensation. Lawyers can protect their clients from making serious mistakes that would cost them a portion or all of their compensation. Lawyers can also help their clients take proactive measures to support their case, like seeking medical aid or gathering the necessary documentation.

Accurate damage appraisal

When an insurance company offers a settlement for your injury, you can bet that they are not considering the total picture. Personal injuries cost victims in medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. A settlement should not cover only the first doctor’s visit and prescriptions. A lawyer can compile all of the relevant costs a victim experiences and use those costs as leverage during negotiations for compensation.


When a victim is focusing on recovering from their injuries, it can be hard for them to address other matters involving their claim. Lawyers can do the talking on behalf of their clients and negotiate with insurance companies to obtain compensation or settlements that accurately reflect the injury’s current and future costs.

Get a lawyer on your side

Pursing the best possible outcome after a personal injury by yourself is a risky decision. Without an attorney, you can hardly be sure if you are making the best choices, avoiding mistakes, and fighting for fair compensation. Choose an attorney with years of experience in cases just like yours to guide you through your claim so you can focus on your recovery.