While many of us would normally be ecstatic to have more time with our family, today’s circumstances are far from normal. Being in close quarters with your family during a statewide lockdown is incredibly stressful for every family member. How you choose to react to the crisis will make a world of difference for you and your loved ones.

Everyone will react to this moment differently, but there are ways to help preserve a sense of calm and normalcy in your home.

Communicate When You Are Frustrated And Be Honest About Why

Being in close proximity to the ones we love can often mean fighting, and Americans are reporting anxiety at incredibly high levels. But those fights do not need to cause lasting damage to your relationships. Clearly saying that you are frustrated because you are scared or because you need personal space helps remove anxiety among others and can help you get what you need to calm down faster.

Keep A Routine Whenever Possible

Many medical providers recommend a daily routine as a way to alleviate stress and maintain a healthier, more productive day. Even setting a basic routine can help set clear expectations for you and your loved ones and give a sense of structure to the day. Even simple actions, like waking up at the same time every day or stopping for meals consistently can help you family maintain peace.

Get Outside For At Least A Few Minutes Every Day

Sunlight, fresh air and movement are a recipe for a better outlook. It is amazing what just a few minutes of exercise can do for mental health. Right now, some parks are slowly opening up. If you can, take a walk around the neighborhood or spend some time outside. You will have to remain socially distant from others, but you may find your spirits lifted by some sunshine and fresh air.