While most people in Connecticut are likely aware of the dangers of distracted driving, many continue to use their phones while they drive. A recent study demonstrates that the problem of distracted driving continues to worsen despite educational initiatives and legal prohibitions.

According to research from Zendrive, the number of drivers who spend 28% or more of their time using their phones while driving doubled in 2018. One out of every 12 drivers is addicted to smartphone use. The researchers also found that between 60% and 80% of drivers on the road are using their phones.

Nearly everyone in the study was aware that distracted driving is dangerous. However, almost all of the participants characterized themselves as safe drivers despite using their cell phones while driving. Distracted driving is nearly as dangerous as drunk driving. This driving behavior has been tied to an increase of 83% for all types of accidents. With the increase in driver distraction, pedestrian fatalities have reached their highest levels in 30 years. While increased awareness of the dangers of distracted driving might help people to change their driving behaviors, the data from this study demonstrates that previous educational initiatives have not had the desired impact.

People who glance at their phones while driving on the highway travel hundreds of feet when their attention is turned away from the road. This can lead to serious injury and fatality accidents. People who have suffered severe injuries or who have lost loved ones because of the actions of distracted drivers may want to consult with experienced personal injury attorneys. By filing lawsuits, the victims and the families of people who have been killed might be able to hold the distracted drivers accountable for their actions and recover damages that fairly compensate the victims and families for the losses that they have suffered.