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Running a business entails tackling many complex issues: employment, taxes, insurance, litigation, real estate, growth through mergers and acquisitions, and ultimate disposition of the business or passing on of the business to the next generation.

The existence of such numerous demands on the time and attention of the typical business owner results in a tendency for business and corporate lawyers to specialize in a narrow area of practice. Our corporate and business law attorneys have not only the breadth of knowledge in these various areas that one would expect from a small law firm, but a depth of knowledge in each particular area that is more typical of a large firm.

Our attorneys offer practical, business-savvy legal advice, and our clients appreciate this approach—we have forged longstanding relationships with small and mid-sized business clients throughout Connecticut and New England, and beyond: one of our most loyal corporate clients is a large corporation based in the West Coast that uses the firm for its business transactions, many of which involve complex tax, employment and real estate matters.

See our Transactional Law page for more information on the types of business transactions our attorneys handle.

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We believe that effectively finding solutions to our clients’ legal issues begins with a true understanding of our clients themselves. The businesses and professionals of Connecticut that put their legal needs in our lawyers’ care deserve to work with legal advisors who are available, easy to communicate with, and responsive. We learn all we can about our clients’ situations in order to craft an outcome that is both optimal and equitable.

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connecticut-business-attorney-rome-clifford-katz-koernerRome Clifford Katz & Koerner LLP is a Hartford, Connecticut law firm of experienced attorneys who handle a variety of matters for businesses and individuals within Connecticut, throughout New England, and beyond.

The firm enjoys rewarding relationships with a remarkably diverse types of clients. The  firm specializes in corporate and business transactions, litigation, personal injury, workers compensation, real estate, divorce and family law.

Most of the firm’s attorneys were born and raised in Connecticut and are therefore intimately familiar with the Connecticut business community.

The firm is a member of the North Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce.

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