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Litigation Lawyers – Hartford CT

Litigation Lawyers – Hartford CT

When there is conflict between businesses or individuals, it can take up a lot of time and it will probably be very costly. If there is a business conflict it can cause harm to the reputation of the business. We realize that the resolution of a business dispute should be quickly and timely in order to protect the business of our clients. At Rome Clifford Katz & Koerner LLP we manage a variety of disagreements that occur for businesses and individuals such as white-collar criminal suits involving securities fraud charges, catastrophic personal injury cases, highly contested divorce litigation, real estate disputes and business and commercial litigation.

You can feel comfortable having our team represent you because we are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with appeals in:

– The Connecticut Supreme Court

– The Federal Courts of Appeals

– The Connecticut Court of Appeals

We have years of experience handling litigation disputes. We have been able to recuperate millions of dollars back to our clients in settlements and have also been able to defend our clients against multi-million dollar suits. Our attorneys are very involved and experienced in the trial of cases, we dedicate and commit to finding a solution to all of our clients legal problems.
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Rome Clifford Katz & Koerner LLP is a Hartford, Connecticut law firm of experienced attorneys who handle a variety of matters for businesses and individuals within Connecticut, throughout New England, and beyond. Contact our office at 860-232-3000 for a consultation with one of our litigation lawyers.

Litigation Lawyers