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About Rome Clifford Katz & Koerner


We’re a Hartford, Connecticut-based law firm that represents individuals and businesses in a wide range of legal matters in Connecticut, throughout New England, and beyond.

Our team of attorneys has worked together for years helping our clients with matters involving:

We offer our clients a deeply-rooted connection to Connecticut. Most of our attorneys were born and raised here, and we are therefore intimately familiar with the Connecticut business community as well as the courts of Connecticut.

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Hiring a Hartford civil litigation attorney

hartford-civil-litigation-attorney-rome-clifford-katz-koernerAttorneys, such as those at Rome Clifford Katz & Koerner, who specialize in civil litigation are known as a “litigators” or “trial lawyers” They represent clients in trials, hearings, arbitration and mediation before administrative agencies and local courts. Civil litigation is essentially a legal dispute between two — or more — parties. Usually at stake are monetary damages and (less often) specific performance per a contract. Familiar forms of civil litigation involve matters pertaining to worker’s compensation, personal injury, real estate, and medical malpractice. We are a highly-skilled and highly-experienced group of Hartford civil litigation attorneys who enjoy an remarkable range of clients across a range of practice areas.